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What is Emotion Sense?

Emotion Sense is an Android application that lets you explore how your mood relates to the data that your smartphone can invisibly capture as you carry it throughout the day. Download it today!

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Recent Publications

Contextual Dissonance: Design Bias in Sensor-Based Experience Sampling Methods . In ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. Zurich, Switzerland. September 8-12, 2013. N. Lathia, K. Rachuri, C. Mascolo, P. Rentfrow.

Smartphones for Large-scale Behaviour Change Interventions. To appear, IEEE Pervasive Computing. N. Lathia, V. Pejovic, K. Rachuri, C. Mascolo, M. Musolesi, P. J. Rentfrow.

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